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Your Specific File Archiving Utility

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The high compression ration 7-Zip features among the users is given when it comes to compressing files of varied sorts and extraction of the same. Testing the tool for possible errors is as well possible and it is likely that the application would still return great results.


In case you do not know yet, 7-Zip may be a flexible tool but this can perform as a flexible program you have earlier downloaded and installed. When it comes to the user interface, this also comes with a powerful file and program manager so sorting out your saved files will no longer be a big deal.

Your Specific  File Archiving Utility

Saving your precious storage space for future use simply by stacking your files altogether in a manner that you get them all organized for easy access is all you would ever want for in a file compression application. Here are some other features you would love in the tool, pretty much:


Cooperative File Manager

Working well with alternative streams of files, you simply follow through a few commands from the menu and you will be good to go. 7-Zip has a cooperative file storage and sorter to keep your files in order and not cluttered.


Optional File Compartments

In case you are saving a smaller size file, you have the option to save it in a compartment for files less than 9MB. On the other hand, for larger file sizes that require bigger storage space, there is another link for you to do that. This way, you can tell which file has been adding weight.


Optimized Compression Speed

7-Zip will not be tagged as the software to have the highest file compression ratio for nothing. Considering the latest upgrade in the app, it now has an optimized compression speed which further rush up the file compression progress when doing the same.


Enhanced Context Menu

It is pretty amazing for a simple tool such as Zip-7 to have enhanced features every now and then where the latest functionality is always the better version of the last one. Now, it can be quite automatic among developer to create a better version of what is pre-existing.


Intelligent File Format Support

When compared to some other file compression tools, you can identify which among them is an intelligent one. For instance, 7-Zip would be one of this as this automatically sorts out files according to the format it supports without the need for another file format converter.


As a whole, you will simply be satisfied of this application, especially if you are looking for those that do not require you to pay at all. This is a freeware, much to the convenience of every file compression user. So, go ahead and start with your download and installation process as now is the best time for you to have the tool used.


The bottom line is that this would be the perfect resort among those who are tasked to find a specific and intuitive file archiving tool.

Why Choose Zip-7?

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Many people don’t see the importance of file compression tools. For most of them, they cannot even maximize their hard disk space so what is the point of compressing it. Well, they have a point. However, file compression programs are more than just an archiving tool. Believe it or not, it can even help you save more than just a disk space in your computer and at the same time, manages and keeps your files organized and secured.

Apparently, there are tons of file compression software available and choosing one can be challenging. Well, focus first on Zip-7 and find out why this is the best archiving program for you.

Why Choose Zip-7?

Why Choose Zip-7?

Zip-7 is For Free

To start with, most compression tools, including Zip-7 comes with a zero price tag, for free. This means that without paying for anything and getting charged with the selling price plus interests, you get a highly efficient program such as Zip-7. Hence, you can download it anytime you want to and you won’t be asked to pay for anything.

Zip-7 is an Open-source Software

What does this mean? As an open-source software, it means that a certain computer program is made available to the public for free. At the same time, users can alter, modify or improve the program depending on his or her needs, without violating any copyright issues. It also allows collaboration between programmers and users to help improve the program for the benefit of many.

Even if Zip-7 is an open-source software, most of its source code are still under GNU LGPL license.

7-Zip is an All-around File Archiver

A lot of people think that file compression tools are only limited to zipping files. Apparently not. The good thing about file compression tools these days is that it is flexible according to the needs of the people.

7-Zip is an all-around file archiver, which plays various roles. Aside from being a compression tool, it is also a data organizer, a file manager, a file editor, a back-up support and an archive encryption program among others. More importantly, 7-Zip assures you that it takes its role seriously and makes sure that it is efficient and consistent in every performance.

7-Zip Offers Password Protection

Do you have important files stored in your computer that are not meant for the whole world to see? In this case, 7-Zip can help. Not many compression programs offer password protection. The good news is Zip-7 has got you covered. In fact, this compression tool is highly regarded as a secure file archiver program that guarantees that your files are secured and safe.

There may be tons of file archiving software to choose from. But before you try anything, check out 7-Zip. You can never go wrong with this compression tool.

The Finest File Compression Program

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Ask about any full featured and efficiently performing file archiving program and you will surely hear the suggestion 7-Zip. This utility lets you have access to the finest compression software which can open varied file formats such as ZIPX, RAR, JPEG, MPEG, RAR, ZIP, and a lot more others. This software give you an extremely easy to manage file interface along with the other integrated operating systems. 7-Zip comes with an ultimate history of archive feature which enables user to get back to the content previously saved and archived in case there is a need for a quick check and no necessary extraction is required.  Some other features that 7-Zip is proud to support includes the drag and drop function, file type extractions and decompression, file protection with the use of passwords, and multiple format file compression.

The Finest File Compression Program

The Finest File Compression Program

Users always want to have their voice heard. They want to let other users know how did the experience they have had in specific file compression software they have had their hands on. They usually do this by providing reviews in such a ways that they express what they felt about the tool, good or bad. Here is some of the users’ statement about 7-Zip being the finest file compression software:

  • This is a very reliable, lightweight file compression program which is pretty good when installed for better file saving and east access capacity.

  • The settings and options of this program are easy to understand and it can even be done by a new user without seeking the need of an expert.

  • This is free while it is like you have won a very expensive file archiver, considering the capacity and wonders it does when it comes to saving and compressing loads of files.

  • This is very simple and the speed of compression is highly appreciative. With this, you no longer have to go through the process of tiring search and retrieval operation of files.

  • This can work with specific operating system but as long as what you have is compatible with this, this is such a relief and you can surely have easy archiving process when you do this.

Compression ratio and the rate of files compressed matters when it comes to choosing the best file archiving program. You surely do not want to be misled by promising software yet unable to deliver. What everyone is looking for is software that can deal with their archiving projects anytime they require doing some archiving tasks. This is when 7-Zip becomes the finest file compression program, among the numerous options. The full packed features of this specific software make it the easiest option to choose from in terms of file compression.

Most Utilized File Compression Application

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7-Zip is a file compression tool that can handle large files and records that usually occupies a lot of space in your hard drive.  It reduces them into tiny files which contain exactly the same content the first time you had it stored. It enables you to archive files into CDs or DVDs. It can also be zipped and archived to flash drives for easy access of whatever files you have archived and you want extracted. You can zip together numerous PDF files into one.  This is the most utilized file compression application according to those who are assigned to keep records for future use.

Most Utilized File Compression Application

Most Utilized File Compression Application

File compression is the best software to have in case you are tasked with compressing files. Packing and unpacking of files is as easy as possible. The procedure is pretty easy – a simple drag and drop will simply do the trick. Below are the most pronounced characteristics of 7-Zip:

  • It can compress a lot of file formats such as Zip, PDF, RAR, and 7Z files.
  • It can easily compress and decompress files.
  • It works well even if there already is file compression software installed.
  • It can extract encrypted files, repair corrupted ones, and archive as much files as possible.
  • It is free software so anybody can take advantage of it anytime.

The bottom line is, why not take advantage of the file compression edge offered by file compression software which you can have at no price at all? Compatibility of files to be archived is necessary to that of the operating system in use as there are chances that the system cannot archive and extract it moving forwards. That is not a problem with 7-zip as this is a flexible application that is why this is the most utilized compression tool, among others.

Why 7-Zip?

Now, in case your issue is instant zipping and unzipping files, 7-Zip is the file compression software you should download. Zipping and sending large files via email has been made possible because of software like this. Files archived can be transported via social media websites, and various file sharing service. Data back-up is easy when you have a file compression application to back you up. File sharing is an extremely friendly file archiving tool. The speed of transporting files is very fast as the huge file is already shrunk into a manageable zipped folder so you can simply attach it to an email and send it as if there is no attachment at all. With 7-Zip, you no longer have to wait at all while the file loads, buffer, and finally set in. This will not be tagged as the most utilized file compression application if not for its known great features.

How Does File Compression Works?

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The process of reducing the size of a file without having to loss as much as possible any of its contents is called file compression. As the name suggests, it is simply a procedure done by smart software where numerous files are put together as if in a package and zip so it doesn’t scatter.

The purpose of all these is to maximize the space in one’s computer in order to reserve further location for future files that needs saving.  Encoding of data information in an efficient manner is what file compression is all about.

As a result, a generally smaller file size is made in order to produce a quick transport of digital files from one PC to multiple networks.

How Does File Compression Works?

How Does File Compression Works ?


How Does File Compression Works ?


File compression did not evolve instantly. It has been carefully designed to aid those who really have issues archiving files. The purpose is to make zipping and unzipping records kept smoothly anytime the need arise. Below is how the process works:


  • There are numerous loose files stored in similarly loose folders all occupying a large storage space in one’s PC. There are different audio files, multiple images, and a variety of video files. All clutters in different places.


  • Download a file compression tool to sort things out and put all the scatters in your PC into a well-organized location as if a very small library of records all neatly piled in order, and you’re almost close to a complete compression project.


  • Once download is done and you have successfully installed the file compression program, start the file compression and a little later, all your folders are now just down to 3 – audio, video, and images.

Imagine the space you have saved. What you have done is simply put, clearing of unwanted duplicates and reserving spaces for much more important records that require safekeeping moving forward. You just saved yourself space, time, and money.


Compression File Explained


Now that you have learned all these things about file compression, you surely are very much aware what exactly its purpose is. Most offices, private or otherwise, require these types of software in order to make organizational tasks easy to locate.

At the same time, operation is fast as transmission and presentation of folders from distant location are made possible due to lightweight zipped folders which can just be easily transported. This used to be an issue with stakeholders before as folders need to be manually passed on over to one another so paper cost can be tremendous.

That need for space and time had been the basis of this file compression discovery. In fact, if you still do not have a file compression tool in your PC these days, anybody would think you have been a little outdated.


Best Free Compression Tool Download for MAC

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The use of free compression software can be as good as having a gigantic file saving unit around. This can be pretty handy for students in college or for anybody who works in an office and in-charge of records keeping. In this case, file compression tool becomes highly commendable the moment you can take advantage of it for free. Office professionals, as well as school instructors have the power to utilize the 7-Zip free compression software in order to maximize the file saving features it carries. Below are a few of the great reasons why download of free 7-Zip is necessary:

Best Free Compression Tool Download for MAC

Best Free Compression Tool Download for MAC


Best Free Compression Tool Download for MAC


  • This tool is an open source for computer programmers to modify and improve every now and then.

This means that one computer program is available for the use of the general online entities, all at no expense as it is virtually free.

  • Any student or professional may explore or learn from the same tool without a charge.

Education always cost something but not in this case. 7-Zip allows user to manage files, big and small alike, save it for future use, and learn from all of it right after.

  • 7-Zip doesn’t have any restrictions or limitations when it comes to usage.

Anybody can have access and easily download the tool for any type of use. You have the ultimate freedom to utilize the free service as much as you can.

  • It can archive and transport different types of files virtually much to the comfort of the users.

Archiving experts claims that indeed this is the best so far when it comes to free compression tool to have existed around.

7-Zip for MAC

Though 7-Zip can also function well and can easily be downloaded anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection, it is most famous as the best free compression tool download for MAC. Whether you are a professional MAC user looking for an excellent archiver or a newbie MAC owner, you can definitely get your own passport for the best free compression tool ever to exist in the name of  file compression and archive.

7-Zip File Compression

When you are asked to pile and collate a very messy virtual library of folders, that is when you start thinking and raking the net as to what is the best and ultimately free so far. When you do, it is likely you get large suggestions of having 7-Zip which is very useful, especially if what you have is MAC. This compression tool is capable of keeping together and holds a large size of file into a much smaller record in order to save a lot space and time to transfer all those.

Benefits of File Compression Software

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So you decided to organize your computer files. That’s great. Then you noticed you have large files that are taking up a chunk of space in your computer. Either you’ll delete them or make a backup of it. But you realized your external hard drive is full and you need to get a new one to save all those important files.


Thankfully, a friend suggested to “compress” the files first. In simple terms, file compression is a process of making files smaller by reducing the number of bytes it contains. While it may be a good idea, you start to think, why should you even zip those files and what are the benefits you can get from doing so?

Top 5 Benefits of File Compression Software


Increased storage space

One of the benefits of file compression is that it frees up your disk space since files can be compressed up to 1/100th of the original. This means you can store more valuable data and don’t have to get mad at the computer shop owner for closing early that you can’t buy a new external hard drive.


Electricity efficient

If you think that opening up your laptop and doing some work constitutes electricity usage, then read this. Storage of data also needs electricity, which means you also need cooling. Therefore, if you save on storage space, you also save on the cooling process.


Lower costs

Remember the hard drive scenario mentioned above? One of the benefits of file compression is that you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money to buy hard drive, whether internal or external, so you can store more data.

Also, transferring uncompressed data uses power which can also be translated to electricity use. Since it is faster to send compressed files, lesser power will be used and the electricity you’ll consume will be lesser too. Or you can use that electricity on other tasks.


Faster transmission time

The amount of time you’ll spend waiting for your email to be sent will also depend on how big the file being sent is. If you send compressed files, upload and download will not be an issue anymore since the time to do so will be reduced as well.


Faster printing

Did you know that files can be printed up to one hundred times faster when they are compressed? Yes, try it to believe it.


So, are you still going for that external hard drive when there’s a cheaper way to free up your disk space?

File Archiver with Finest ZIP Formats

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7-Zip is a well-rounded type of file archiver. It is a compression tool, file manager, data organizer, file editor, archive encryption program and all other back-up and compression utilities support. As premium choice in this filed, 7-Zip ensures that it can provide quality output to everyone. It should also operate with optimum efficiency and consistency. 7-Zip also has the capabilities to extend the range of support in all aspects of file handling. To accomplish all these it should hold the sets of principles, components and commands that are ideal to integrate the task with fine finesse and error-free results. Hence, among the most important component of file archiver are the appropriate formats that should be compatible to the type of task perform in a certain process. To experience this intricate, yet very vital process from the expert in file archiving. You must see to it that you have a free 7-Zip download today.

7-Zip has specialized group of formats. It should hold complete sets of correct formats for zip, unzip, archiving, compression, text formats and many more specific process. These formats are very essential to ensure that the whole process is successful at the end. Zipping of files and archives are crucial most especially if you are unsure with the process and the type of formats to use in archiving. Also, it is vital to hold the same amount file contents before and after the sized was reduced considerably. Moreover, sets of correct unzip formats should be applied to unpack certain files or formats. If you missed to equip your files with the equal type of unzip formats, you might unable to open it, damage or corrupt your important files and archives.

Zipping and unzipping of files may look very basic role of 7-Zip on your system. However, if you dig deeper to the concept and principles that govern it, there are several stages and important elements involved in the whole process. For instance, in compressing ZIP files it uses the principles of deflate encoder to achieve higher compression ratio. While during the decompression process 7-Zip uses another engine for RAR archives. Furthermore 7z compression uses variety of algorithms and specific formats like LZMA2, bzip2, LZMA and all other types of appropriate 7z compression formats. The major compression formats that are handled by 7-Zip includes tar, WIM, xz, 7z, ZIP, Gzip and bzip2. There are also specific formats for 7-Zip utilities which are ideal for enhancing, correcting and adjusting the speed of the compression and decompression process.

You have noticed how tedious the job of 7-Zip is. Besides zipping and unzipping of files there are bundles of support that you could expect out of the prowess of this file compression software. The fact that it has selected the premium and highly qualified formats to support the major task of the software is simply a clever principle, which is exceptionally commendable from this total file compression utility software. Since 7-Zip continues to update, you can count on its reliability to complete all the formats needed for your advance zipping needs. Download free 7-Zip now.

Legit 7-Zip Free Download

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Reliable software compression tool for students and professional is one thing. Having it free and without obligation is another. The concept of being able to download a legitimate highly dependable file compression software is such a big deal you get to do a lot of things with it. This is what 7-Zip Free Download has to offer. This is a premium compression tool brought about to allow users to manage a variety of compressed files with the use of its unique streamlined interface.


7-Zip is legally licensed under GNU LGPL so security and legitimacy of the software is guaranteed. This is an open source software which means it is available for use by the general public. The availability of the software is way too generous as user has the option to alter or modify it from its original design. Imagine how something of great utility can come without any charge at all. Furthermore, users have the chance to take advantage of the freedom to change or update, limitless usage, and without restrictions. Compressing files and archiving it is no longer a problem, plus it no longer requires purchase as it is accessible anytime anywhere.


File transport had been a problem for users especially those who are involved in online marketing and operations where rapid exchange of different files and formats is common. With the advent of 7-Zip, this is no longer the case. File compilation and archiving had been made easy and accessible for any corporation, enterprise, or organization to utilize. One more elite feature of 7-Zip is its capability to open and read varied file formats. This gives every user the satisfaction when it comes to file compression and archive storage issues.


7-Zip has been very proud of its reliable software features such as: the user friendly interface, password protection, archive file format support, encryption, high compression ratio, and open source software. This premium compression tool has managed to give all these benefits to the users at no expense. Furthermore, user friendly feature simply means easy to utilize options where even a newbie can find his way in and out of the software. Password protection refers to the protective feature where the program can be set to be opened only by those who has access to the password. Archive file format support in the sense that it can retrieve any archive file and open in in whatever format it comes with. Encryption feature is designed to disable views for forbidden viewers. High compression ratio feature allows user to save bulk files in as much as they want. And open source software means the flexibility to open files on any computer anytime anywhere.


These reasons are more than enough to download 7-Zip. Everyone else have done so it is but just practical to do the same in case you do not have it yet. How else can somebody take advantage of the best compression tool without paying a cent for it. As the name suggests, it is 7-Zip Free Download so indeed, it is plain free.

7Zip versus PeaZip

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Are you wondering what is one of the most downloaded and used computer programs that are able to archive more than 1 file type in a given folder? This program is known as an Archiver software. File archiver software’s are everywhere; it’s just a matter of determining which is better and which will fit your needs and style. Some comes for free while others are being purchased. There are also few with trial versions and after which it should be purchased to enjoy its features further.

Speaking of free software, there’s a well known archiving software that is frequently downloaded and that is 7-Zip. What makes 7-Zip software excels as compared to other software’s is the fact that it is made with robust features despite being free. It is user friendly, easy to navigate and above all, simple and can be installed fast.

Of course, 7-Zip’s impressive feature that can be compared to other high end software’s is its compression ratio. So when choosing a file archiver software, you have to ensure it is a software that can deliver reliable results, fast and easy to manage. In addition, 7-Zip uses Plugins thus enabling users a chance to improve its features with the use of its plugins. So if you’re looking forward to use 7-Zip, bear in mind that it is a must have software for it comes in diverse languages aside from English. If you have tons of files to compress and archive, use 7-Zip now. If you want another free software, PeaZip is also present to serve you. The default settings for some of the users of PeaZip software claimed its operations are adequate despite few flaws.

In addition, users are able to drag files over the icon of PeaZip on the desktop in order to successfully archive files. One can also drag an archive folder over the icon to uncompress it. What’s good about PeaZio is its simplicity that despite some of its cool features, there are still options that can be selected to perform a lot of things users want to do with an archiving utility, including the ability to add encryption on users’ files to protect it and optimize compression.

So which between 7Zip and PeaZip are you willing to try? Since both comes for free, why not download both and try each software to better find out which is better. You see, there are some things that may work for others but may not work for you. So it is better to try both and determine which between 7Zip and PeaZip is perfect to use every day.