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Your Specific File Archiving Utility

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The high compression ration 7-Zip features among the users is given when it comes to compressing files of varied sorts and extraction of the same. Testing the tool for possible errors is as well possible and it is likely that the application would still return great results.


In case you do not know yet, 7-Zip may be a flexible tool but this can perform as a flexible program you have earlier downloaded and installed. When it comes to the user interface, this also comes with a powerful file and program manager so sorting out your saved files will no longer be a big deal.

Your Specific  File Archiving Utility

Saving your precious storage space for future use simply by stacking your files altogether in a manner that you get them all organized for easy access is all you would ever want for in a file compression application. Here are some other features you would love in the tool, pretty much:


Cooperative File Manager

Working well with alternative streams of files, you simply follow through a few commands from the menu and you will be good to go. 7-Zip has a cooperative file storage and sorter to keep your files in order and not cluttered.


Optional File Compartments

In case you are saving a smaller size file, you have the option to save it in a compartment for files less than 9MB. On the other hand, for larger file sizes that require bigger storage space, there is another link for you to do that. This way, you can tell which file has been adding weight.


Optimized Compression Speed

7-Zip will not be tagged as the software to have the highest file compression ratio for nothing. Considering the latest upgrade in the app, it now has an optimized compression speed which further rush up the file compression progress when doing the same.


Enhanced Context Menu

It is pretty amazing for a simple tool such as Zip-7 to have enhanced features every now and then where the latest functionality is always the better version of the last one. Now, it can be quite automatic among developer to create a better version of what is pre-existing.


Intelligent File Format Support

When compared to some other file compression tools, you can identify which among them is an intelligent one. For instance, 7-Zip would be one of this as this automatically sorts out files according to the format it supports without the need for another file format converter.


As a whole, you will simply be satisfied of this application, especially if you are looking for those that do not require you to pay at all. This is a freeware, much to the convenience of every file compression user. So, go ahead and start with your download and installation process as now is the best time for you to have the tool used.


The bottom line is that this would be the perfect resort among those who are tasked to find a specific and intuitive file archiving tool.

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