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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is highly recommended to every end-user because this is where your legal rights and responsibilities are clearly stated. It is a detailed overview of important conditions and terms that should be practiced on the site. It is also an outline of expectations of users towards their roles on the site, the same way as the sites guarantee to protect our end-users from any disclosure of personal identity and information. Our site, above all, understands and considerately protects the rights of every visitor against any misuse or malicious leakage of personal data for whatever purpose most especially through the Internet.


Although, all the information that was handed to us, is by means of optional or free will, we still assure everyone that we safeguard it with the best programs and are only treated by a duly authorized person from the team. In case, any of your data will be used for a valid reason it will be ensured that only you can unpack or receive the messages. Nevertheless, to avoid any confusion against our Privacy Policy, we strongly propose that you pay heed to every line of information that was included along the inclination. Should you agree with all the written rules and conditions in our site, you can freely proceed and download the software. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions about the policy and our efficient team will attend to you greatly.


End-Users Protection


Our end-users are our optimum priority, therefore we give ample attention on how to secure any piece of information or personal data was bequeathed to us freely. Irrespective of the quantity of information, name, contact details or simple query that was sent to us, we managed and sustained it in a manner that it will not be opened, used, tampered or hacked by any person or revealed on the Internet. All the given data that was handed by choice are greatly appreciated and will be protected as promised in our Privacy Policy. The site will never at any cause force our end-users to provide a single information that is beyond their approval.


Safeguarded Information


The basic information that are often kept in our site are the full name which includes the given name and the surname, contact details such as telephone numbers, mobile phone numbers, email address permanent address, billing address and zip code. Other information like age and gender are also provided by some of the end-users. These data are often accessed to send updates, newsletters as well as give feedback and answers about your concerns. Usually, we keep in touch with our end-users through email, phone or send them snail mail if needed, still with no aim of giving away any piece of data in transit. Besides all the relevant reasons, your personal information will be safeguarded with the highest protection and will be always kept unchanged.


Software Download


Our site provides you with the best software for your needs and wants. It is fixed with premium features and qualities that you’ll absolutely satisfy. We also include fast and easy way on how to download it correctly on your system. However, it is govern by licenses and limitation that you should follow. Any illegal manipulation or dispersing of the software’s content is strictly prohibited. No one is also allowed to ask for any fees or rentals from our end-users because it legally punishable and will be dealt accordingly according to rules and policies set in the site. Nonetheless, the site strongly suggests that our end-users should thoroughly follow the instructions during the downloading and installation process to avoid any errors or delays. Likewise, the site would like to emphasize that any inaccuracy during the process is beyond the control of the site. We precisely posted the software in its perfect condition and guarantee that it will work with proper handling. Hence, everyone is always advice to perform it step by step attentively.


Disclosure Agreement


The Privacy Policy is always posted at the very first part of the website or prior to the downloading process to ensure that every inch of the rules and conditions are laid down to our end-users fair and square. It is also described in a way that can create mutual rights and equality between the visitors and the site. The rules and responsibilities of every party are precisely stated to secure that everyone has the same phasing within the site. The site also prepares special protection to every end-user, as part of the supreme priority to protect the identity as well as personal data that was trusted by the visitors in our site. At the same time, the site also concludes that ever time our end-user explores farther towards the site features, that they fully understands all their responsibilities towards the site.