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How to Install & Uninstall 7-Zip

It is fun to install new software most especially when it is highly recognized because of its capabilities and operations like 7-Zip. 7-Zip is a must have program that can precisely reduce your heavy files and archives into lightweight text data and documents without losing or dispersing all its original contents. Aside from data compression, you can also count on with 7-Zip when you need to extract, encrypt and manage almost all types of files and archives.


Since you already possess an estimate on what it needs to have 7-Zip included on your system, it’s time that you have your copy in the fastest possible manner. Simply follow the instructions below in installing 7-Zip and maximize your privilege of a complete compression and file archiver software. Just a short tip to ensure success in completing the installation process; make sure to stop or avoid running other program to avoid any interruption and error. Also, you need to secure at least 1MB for your 7-Zip software. If you already have the executable file saved on your folder, an Internet connection is no longer needed, however if you still have to download it from the website please link your computer to the Internet.


Downloading Process:


Simply hit the download button once from the website and you will be automatically guided with the proper operation.


Installation process:


1. After you have downloaded the executable file and saved it on your preferred folder, simply click it to times to open the file and hit “Install” button once.


2. Next, go to “Start” then “Programs” and choose “7-Zip” and a window will pop-up for more choices.


3. You can check all the menu and click “Tools” then “Options” to select all your desired association to be included on the file. Just tick each box or if you want everything on the list click “Select All” and “OK” to confirm.


4. Reboot your data processor and enjoy your successful installation.


Now, you’re easily equipped with the right ways on how to install 7-Zip, let’s go forward and add more interesting thoughts to handle 7-Zip, like steps to uninstall it from your system just in case. You simply have to see that you are only accomplishing the uninstallation procedure at this stage, to avoid any delay or unsuccessful initiation of the steps. Finally, be attentive in following the step by step guide because it only takes few minutes to dispatch it. Any mistake may cause you to repeat it again and once more.


Uninstallation Process:


1. Make sure to click the “Start” button just once.


2. Second, simply point the cursor of your mouse to the “Control Panel” and hit it once.


3. Next, move your pointer to the “Add/Remove” option and double click it.


4. Then, confirm that “7-Zip” is on the list, highlight and right click on the program.


5. Now, click the “Uninstall” option two times.


6. Make sure that you fully initiated the process and wait until it prompt you to restart your computer.


7. Finally, restart your computer carefully to accomplish your task. By restarting it you are allowing your computer to process what you have uninstalled or in other words enabling refresh process to take place.


As you can see, installing and uninstalling 7-Zip is not really complicated. All you have to do is make sure that you follow the given instructions accordingly and you’re all set. If in case you have any difficulties, you can simply contact us via our contact page and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries. Installation of 7-Zip on our site, is easy. Novice users can perform this action without further assistance and what’s good about it is it comes for free. No rental fees and no subscription or even membership fees imposed.


In addition, our site offers a virus free software and the privacy as well as security of all our end-users are highly valued. Download and install 7-Zip now and be ahead in everything you do, may it be compressing files, archiving it and even safe keeping it. If in case a problem may arise upon the installation of this software, feel free to refer back to this page to ensure that proper download is implemented. You can also cancel the installation process if in doubt and contact us for assistance or you can try one more time by going through the step by step process we have provided. Unlike any other compression tool, 7-Zip is user friendly and comes with an easy and user friendly interface. So don’t hesitate downloading this software from our site and you will surely enjoy it and find it useful too. 7-Zip can read almost any archive formats and allows the use of encryption and password, so download and install 7-Zip carefully and don’t forget to make use of our provided step by step process to avoid installation problems and to avoid errors along the way or even errors while using the software.