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The End User License Agreement or commonly known of its shortened term EULA is the primary part of any software downloading process which is initiated online or through the Internet. It is an integral agreement that sets all the rules and responsibilities between the end users as well as the product vendor, manufacturer or main author. EULA is an indispensable guideline which is published by the software’s distributor because it is in accordance with the legal covenant for both parties (the user and the publisher of the software). This agreement emphasizes the activities that can be performed or restricted by the end users to the software. At the same time, it also carefully explains the right and authority of the vendor as well as the scope of support that can be extended to every end user. It encompasses all fields of the operation which includes, desktop or mobile software downloads.


EULA is a thorough description of the characteristics, components as well as the functionalities of the featured software 7-Zip. Likewise, it provides short but brief instructions on how to efficiently perform the steps to download the software. It has very visible download button which is highly accessible and sheered with accurate programs to successfully interact with your system. Also, it has highlighted a portion as well as an arrow to inform every end user of a free download of 7-Zip. This End User License Agreement is important because it summarizes everything that you should know regarding the software, as well as the responsibilities that you should religiously commence before you take advantage of your privilege to download a free 7-Zip.


This End User License Agreement also serves as a warranty that assures you of the infinite features and reliability of 7-Zip. 7-Zip is a widely recognized compression program that accurately reduced your individual files as well as archives into considerable size, which easily fits your devices hard drive. It also safeguards all your personal and confidential files with powerful encrypting tool. Likewise, 7-Zip sealed it with difficult passwords which you have personally supply to your folders and data. Moreover, EULA ensures that only virus-free software; 7-Zip is placed on the site, so it is completely safe and highly commendable to perform your desired tasks.


The site has cautiously set all the necessary criteria and pre-requisites to our software to certify that it is in perfect condition and highly obtainable for everyone. It has appropriate links to directly satisfy the interfaces and can immediately be saved to the right location on your hard drive. Everything is all set for your convenience during the installation and downloading process. Nevertheless, in the issue that the downloading and installation progress of the software encounters any troubles or error, our site will not hold responsible for it. Therefore, it is necessary to concisely and methodically attend to every instruction that was set up for you at our site. It is best to learn all the steps of continuous and successful progress and for you to automatically fix the most out of your best compression program, 7-Zip.


Terms of Agreement


The End User License Agreement was set according to the welfare of every end-user. We understand your desire to have the best software like 7-Zip to cope with your needs of a reliable compression tool and a lot more advantages, that’s why we have provided you no less than the premium quality and totally free. Our site is happy to feature a software that everyone can beneficially use whether for personal or professional purposes. However, to maintain the best standards of the posted software as well as you’re experience as our end-user, we continuously remind you to be heedful and follow the terms and conditions in the site. This term of agreement gives our end-users a clear expectation of the things to expect in our site. Again, please carefully review all the details set inside EULA for your fun experience in our site. Should you not agree with any rules or guidelines, we suggest that you discontinue navigating further or avoid clicking the download button to inhibit any unnecessary experience in our site. You are free to contact our team for questions and queries about the matter.


Limitations and Restrictions


7-Zip is an exceptional software used for reducing file size. It was delicately posted in our site with powerful features and qualities for your convenience. All the same, it is governed under strict limitations and license that should be managed with responsibility. Any serious modification and alteration of the software is strongly prohibited. Selling or making profit out of software fees and rentals is strictly not permitted. Any irresponsible act will be dealt seriously and with appropriate legal actions.


Protection and Privacy of End-Users


Our end-users are our chief priorities. We assure each and every visitor to our site that any personal data or information that was optionally given to us will be kept with highest confidentiality. It will only be handled by an authorized person on our site. Above all, it will never be shared nor revealed in any form particularly through the Internet.