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Why Choose Zip-7?

👤 🕔 November 15, 2014 0

Many people don’t see the importance of file compression tools. For most of them, they cannot even maximize their hard disk space so what is the point of compressing it. Well, they have a point. However, file compression programs are more than just an archiving tool. Believe it or not, it can even help you save more than just a disk space in your computer and at the same time, manages and keeps your files organized and secured.

Apparently, there are tons of file compression software available and choosing one can be challenging. Well, focus first on Zip-7 and find out why this is the best archiving program for you.

Why Choose Zip-7?

Why Choose Zip-7?

Zip-7 is For Free

To start with, most compression tools, including Zip-7 comes with a zero price tag, for free. This means that without paying for anything and getting charged with the selling price plus interests, you get a highly efficient program such as Zip-7. Hence, you can download it anytime you want to and you won’t be asked to pay for anything.

Zip-7 is an Open-source Software

What does this mean? As an open-source software, it means that a certain computer program is made available to the public for free. At the same time, users can alter, modify or improve the program depending on his or her needs, without violating any copyright issues. It also allows collaboration between programmers and users to help improve the program for the benefit of many.

Even if Zip-7 is an open-source software, most of its source code are still under GNU LGPL license.

7-Zip is an All-around File Archiver

A lot of people think that file compression tools are only limited to zipping files. Apparently not. The good thing about file compression tools these days is that it is flexible according to the needs of the people.

7-Zip is an all-around file archiver, which plays various roles. Aside from being a compression tool, it is also a data organizer, a file manager, a file editor, a back-up support and an archive encryption program among others. More importantly, 7-Zip assures you that it takes its role seriously and makes sure that it is efficient and consistent in every performance.

7-Zip Offers Password Protection

Do you have important files stored in your computer that are not meant for the whole world to see? In this case, 7-Zip can help. Not many compression programs offer password protection. The good news is Zip-7 has got you covered. In fact, this compression tool is highly regarded as a secure file archiver program that guarantees that your files are secured and safe.

There may be tons of file archiving software to choose from. But before you try anything, check out 7-Zip. You can never go wrong with this compression tool.

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