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7Zip versus PeaZip

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

Are you wondering what is one of the most downloaded and used computer programs that are able to archive more than 1 file type in a given folder? This program is known as an Archiver software. File archiver software’s are everywhere; it’s just a matter of determining which is better and which will fit your needs and style. Some comes for free while others are being purchased. There are also few with trial versions and after which it should be purchased to enjoy its features further.

Speaking of free software, there’s a well known archiving software that is frequently downloaded and that is 7-Zip. What makes 7-Zip software excels as compared to other software’s is the fact that it is made with robust features despite being free. It is user friendly, easy to navigate and above all, simple and can be installed fast.

Of course, 7-Zip’s impressive feature that can be compared to other high end software’s is its compression ratio. So when choosing a file archiver software, you have to ensure it is a software that can deliver reliable results, fast and easy to manage. In addition, 7-Zip uses Plugins thus enabling users a chance to improve its features with the use of its plugins. So if you’re looking forward to use 7-Zip, bear in mind that it is a must have software for it comes in diverse languages aside from English. If you have tons of files to compress and archive, use 7-Zip now. If you want another free software, PeaZip is also present to serve you. The default settings for some of the users of PeaZip software claimed its operations are adequate despite few flaws.

In addition, users are able to drag files over the icon of PeaZip on the desktop in order to successfully archive files. One can also drag an archive folder over the icon to uncompress it. What’s good about PeaZio is its simplicity that despite some of its cool features, there are still options that can be selected to perform a lot of things users want to do with an archiving utility, including the ability to add encryption on users’ files to protect it and optimize compression.

So which between 7Zip and PeaZip are you willing to try? Since both comes for free, why not download both and try each software to better find out which is better. You see, there are some things that may work for others but may not work for you. So it is better to try both and determine which between 7Zip and PeaZip is perfect to use every day.

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