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7-Zip Features

7-Zip user friendly 7-Zip User Friendly Interface

User friendly, we often hear this word however many of us are not fully aware what this really mean. When we say user interface, it is a field […]

7-Zip Encryption 7-Zip Encryption

Every user receives its own personal judgment on how to select a file encryption software. Today, sets of standards are carefully adopted to assure a well-sheered application. It […]

7-Zip Multiple File Format Support 7-Zip Password Protection

Password protection, this is a feature that is not most likely found in some compression software, good thing there is 7-Zip. 7-Zip is highly regarded as a secure […]

7-Zip Outstanding Compression Ratio 7-Zip High Compression Ratio

7-Zip is popularly known of all its undisputed qualities and performances as file compression software. It has no limitation when it comes to file handling and managing. It […]

7 ZIP 7-Zip Archive File Format Support

Have you ever tried using a compression tool and later on encountered a problem saving, archiving or extracting it due to format issues? Many compression or archive tools […]

7-Zip 7-Zip Open Source Software

7-Zip is a well-built file compression software. It has all the important elements and characteristics that are skilfully assembled to together produce powerful output. Also, you can invariably […]