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7-Zip Encryption

Have you ever tried using 7-Zip to encrypt your confidential files effectively? Others would think that 7-Zip is a mere compression and archiving tool, and only few are aware that this simple yet very powerful software is capable of encrypting vital and confidential files to protect users privacy.


This compression tool was designed to encrypt any compressed files as well as enable the use of password. Download free 7-Zip as it allows compression of different files; merge all of the files into a single file archive.


What is Encryption? Encryption is a process wherein all the data found within the files are scrambled to effectively disable any other users to make use of the information encrypted. With the use of encryption, third party users are prevented from eavesdropping.


In most cases, encryption process requires password and same goes when the user wants to decrypt the file or data, a password is again needed. This is why 7-Zip free download is a must. It is a perfect tool to protect important information that should not be seen by other people.


 7-Zip Encryption


Encryption is an important trend nowadays especially to big corporate companies. Natural disasters, theft and other unexpected happenings may take place and losing a sensitive data or information especially to big companies is a big no. This is why the use of encryption is very important.


Good thing 7-Zip is there to protect vital information of big companies and even personal information by ordinary people. So what better way to safeguard your files over the web? It is by downloading 7-Zip.


What’s the best thing about 7-Zip software? Aside from being free, 7-Zip enables user to secure their file with the use of password and encryption process. How can 7-Zip user perform such sophisticated actions? Simple and here are the steps:


7-zip encryption method

1. Users must hover the mouse on the start menu and locate program files. From there, users must look for the 7-Zip folder and 7-Zip file manager then click it.


2. As soon as you are prompted with a new window, look for the folder you want to compress. You can make use of the address bar provided, simply type in the folder file name on the address bar to locate it fast and easy.


3. Once you’re already on the file you want to compress, just select the presented files. After you’re done with the file selection, you will be prompted with another dialog box.


4. In the dialog box, you will see an archive box where you can type in the name of the folder or file you want to use for the project. After typing the desired file name, simply click the button next to the archive box so you can save it successfully.


5. When saving, make sure to enter or choose a password. Simply type your formulated password in the text boxes “Enter Password” and “ReenterPassword”.


6. Don’t forget to tick the button stating “Encrypt file name” and to successfully encrypt it, click the button “Ok” and you’re good to go!


Indeed, 7-Zip download offers a lot of positive things and one of its major contributions is the ability to encrypt files. This software was created by developers with the end-user’s needs in mind as well as of the developers.


This software does not just allow the use of password and encryption, it also unpacks compressed files effectively, read and support dozens of file types. Few of the many supported file types are the 7z, the WIM, FAT, ZIP, TAR, MSI, RAR, UDF and more.


How secure is the encryption feature of 7-Zip? This is one of the many questions users are asking before they fully trust the use of 7-Zip’s encryption feature.


The truth is, 7-Zip provides user with state of the art AES security. This means that encryption security can be trusted 100%, anyone who wishes to break it can do so but it will take them hundreds of years if not thousands of years to successfully break the encryption.


Yes, this is how strong 7-Zip is. So if you want the best software than can protect your files effectively, download free 7-Zip and rest assured your important files are encrypted with no way to decrypt it unless your chosen password was used.


Overall, the use of 7-Zip daily gives you a comforting feeling and that is all because of its encryption and password feature. There’s no other compression tool that can be better than 7-Zip.


It is a certified powerful software that comes free of charge, very flexible due to its multiple format support and it is very reliable. Thanks to the 7-Zip encryption feature, there’s no more fear transmitting information over the web! Sending files through the use of Internet can now be done securely and safely, nothing can get even better with the use of 7-Zip.


Article Name
7-Zip Encryption
7-Zip Encryption. This compression tool was designed to encrypt any compressed files as well as enable the use of password. Download free 7-Zip as it allows compression of different files; merge all of the files into a single file archive.