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7-Zip Alternatives

7-Zip is one of the many popular zipping files out there. In fact, 7-Zip download is usually done not only by ordinary people to accomplish or protect a personal file project but it is also done by most programmers out there. However, it is also inevitable that 7-Zip can’t be downloaded and whatever the reason might be, one thing is for sure, it is such a shame that 7-Zip can’t be used. Luckily, there are other options provided.


There are many 7-Zip alternatives that can be done if  7-Zip is not downloaded and installed successfully. So what other alternatives are there that can simply take the place of 7-Zip? If you have a lot of large files to compress and compile, zipping file such as PeaZip is one of the 1st and most popular tool next to 7-Zip.


7-Zip Alternatives

7-Zip Alternatives


Alternatives to 7-Zip


What makes this software so special? As a start, PeaZip is also capable of archiving files fast and easy which can also work or run on both Windows and Linux platforms. Most PeaZip users claimed that the best feature of this software is it can be stored in a thumb drive and the best part of all; users can zip their chosen files using any computer without the need to install the software in it!




Next 7-Zip download alternative is the use of WinRAR. This software is also powerful and is often used by a lot of people when backing up their important data or information. WinRAR is also perfect in sending email attachments for it allows fast and easy attachment process, especially if the files to be attached are quite large. WinRAR is definitely a good alternative for 7-Zip free download.




If you’re looking for a compression tool that is also capable of encrypting files, one good alternative to use is the WinZip. This software acts just like 7-Zip; it can compress, compile, archive and even encrypt files.


Most of its users commend the fact that this software can easily compress and decompress files without the need to undergo a lot of pressure and processes. So if you are looking for a good alternative for 7-Zip download, the use of WinZip is recommended too.




If you need a combination of simplicity and power, another best alternative for free download of 7-Zip is the use of ArcThemAll! Others define this software as simple; indeed it is for it comes with a user friendly interface, not too complicated and perfect for novice users.


However, aside from being simple, this software is also powerful in the sense that it can extract files easily, compress it and with the use of simple processes such as drag and drop options, your compression and extraction can be completed in few seconds.


There’s definitely nothing wrong if you seek for other 7-Zip download alternatives as long as you download and install the needed software correctly to avoid causing any problems when using it.


Just bear in mind that when searching for the right 7-Zip alternative to use, you must consider a lot of things too. If possible, you can choose a software that also comes for free just like 7-Zip. If it’s not for free at least make sure it is very affordable or at a minimum cost.


Next, ensure that the software alternative you have chosen is very efficient. What’s the use of using another software when it works horribly as compared to 7-Zip. 7-Zip alternatives are software’s that comes with similar functions to 7-Zip, it must also be simple yet powerful, it must also be free, and very reliable when it comes to security.


If there are available open source software’s, why not use it? As long as it is powerful too then you can certainly give it a try. One good example is the use of Info-Zip.


This 7-Zip alternative comes with an open source software and it can also handle archives in zip format. In fact, Info-Zip has been in the business of archiving files and compression since the year 1989. Given its length of existence, you can therefore conclude that using Info-Zip is a reliable and robust alternative software for 7-Zip.


If you are looking for an alternative that can extract files in different formats, the use of Universal Extractor is another good option to try. From the name itself, this software is capable of extracting files from different archive files in varying file formats. In other words, this 7-Zip alternative may work for those who seek flexibility and ease.


These are few of the many possible 7-Zip download alternatives you can try. All of these alternatives are reliable and highly in demand too. However, you must note that above all these alternatives is the 7-Zip software. So if you have the chance to download and use 7-Zip, make sure to try it first before any other compression software out there and you will definitely not regret using it.


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7-Zip Alternatives
7-Zip Alternatives. There are many 7-Zip alternatives that can be done if 7-Zip is not downloaded and installed successfully